Why Choose Syscom?

We are one of the first Mozambican IT companies now with more than 30 years of constant technology, solutions, and services updates.

Strong partnership with renowned trademarks, with long-lasting bonds both locally and internationally. Accepting new challenges every day and adapting with no excuses.

Our Team consists of very well trained experienced Technology Managers and Engineers that have proudly supported Mozambican most startup some now top 100 profitable local, foreign, or both capital investments based Mozambique and in Africa.

We have customers in sectors from government, energy, water, financial, insurance, retail, entertainment, media, telecommunications and many many others.

We pride ourselves as being Legacy Company with very Strong Roots, Modern and Innovation Aspirations.

Our Skills

IT Support 95%
Security 65%
Solutions Design 75%
Consultancy 90%
Analytics 80%

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